really thought you would catch me

Only two hours left of my twenty third birthday..

I’m so glad I got to see my bestie today! I spent most of the day with giant sighs of “ewww when did I get this oldddddd!?" but thankfully that girl can pull me out of any off mood :) I’m feeling the love this year ( and my new  *give zero fucks* attitude helped a little too)

a nice day overall

photos my friend played with :] 

not sure how i feel about them

I’m drunk..

among other things. Great night tonight with the girls. I sang karaoke, in a bar, finally! -.- Did I mention I’m drunk?

I need a pick-me-up -.-

someone send me cyber flowers or something..

friendly messages work too :]

taking a personal day. thankfully I’m only missing one class. wasn’t expecting to rearrange my life today, but it’s got to be done. I guess I’ll blast some music, drink, do laundry, vacuum, clean everything, drink, do some homework, drink, paint my nails, oh, and did I mention drink?

I fucking trusted you


Being forgiving is one of my biggest flaws but one of my proudest characteristics. 


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Reblog if you want sex right now.


Just sayin…


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I feel this man greatly.

woow, the relevance!!!


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yes yes yes yes yes!

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